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The phrase 'sent from my mobile phone' alerts your reader to the potential for brevity and spelling errors.


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Geekboy July 24, 2011, 15:42

I do not agree with this tip.

1. Adding more text onto the end of an email visually interferes with a signature.

2. To many that I have talked to, this simple little phrase makes one look either arrogant or non-techie. The arrogant folks leave it there because it "looks cool" or makes them feel special that they have a smartphone. The non-techies don't take the time to learn how to remove the line from a signature, saving their recipient the trouble of reading the useless note.

3. Email should be well written and contain correct spelling and grammar. Getting onez pnt across iz not efecktiv whn ppl shorthand. Just because one leaves that line in their emails does not excuse the fact that I cannot read what they wrote.