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Don’t turn your facebook profile into a second Babel. Use the most common language.


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Marc July 15, 2011, 19:31

I don't agree with that at all. People are free to use their own language when they want. Everyone knows when to use one language or another. What do you intend with that guideline? What is the most common language? English maybe? What is wrong with communicating in many languages?

You should NOT be promoting a monolingual nor a monocultural Facebook (or Internet) because users are not like that at all. This guideline No. 145 is not etiquette or manners, it's just totalitarism without a rationale.

Although it is obviously not my mother tongue, I am writing here in English because this website is in that language, and I want to communicate with you, but in Facebook I use several languages depending on my intentions, my facebook friends, etcetera.

One guideline could be for instance: Be polite with people and don't impose your language to others. Use online translators if needed, try to learn languages other than your own, use them freely, and respect other languages and cultures because all of them are a great value.