Times used to be simpler: a man was a gentleman, a woman was a lady. But today? more …

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101 dos and don'ts for the digital world

By users for users: Up-to-date – trenchant – helpful

Times used to be simpler: a man was a gentleman, a woman was a lady. But today? Today the kind of questions we face include "Is it okay if I ignore a 'friend request' on Facebook?", "Is it impolite to put my cell phone on the table in the restaurant?" or "How long can I use the free WiFi in the café without ordering anything?". The digital lifestyle is changing our lives and our behavior. So who can we turn to for advice on questions concerning "Etiquette 2.0"?

 101 digital recommendations

It's here that the team from the Telekom Laboratories Creation Center under the direction of Raimund Schmolze comes in. And is now unveiling, after several months of intensive research work and numerous workshops with participants from more than 12 countries, eEtiquette with 101 dos and don'ts for everyday digital interaction. The recommendations can be consulted at

The project headed up by Julia Leihener received effective support from the Creation Center team as well as over 40 international users and masters students from the Royal College of Art in London. It is precisely this collaboration that gives this modern-day take on classic 'etiquette rules' their sound base and makes them credible.

The digital lifestyle recommendations are not just restricted to e-mails that remain unanswered for days on end, or to people making calls on their cell phones on buses or trains as if there was nobody else there. The eEtiquette categories include all communications channels that are relevant today, such as text messages, e-mail, phone, social networks, videoconferences, blogs, chats, etc.

Their pithy sentences provide trenchant guidance such as "Only R2D2 can end a relationship digital", "Only upload images of which your mother would approve."," Never overestimate your digital friends.","Having friends through a social network doesn't mean having friends in real life.","Don't Google your date the first rendezvous — keep the magic for a few more days.","A short phone call can avoid an endless chain of frustrating e-mails."

Since the world continues to go round and change, this etiquette also needs to evolve. The website set up especially for the purpose sets out the etiquette recommendations, with comment and evaluation tools available to encourage users to get involved in the debate. eEtiquette is also available in book format and can be obtained here.