Times used to be simpler: a man was a gentleman, a woman was a lady. But today? more …

Frequently asked questions

will be answered here. In our FAQ overview you will find for example information about the stitched layout, how the guidelines keep on evolving, which aims we are having in mind and lots more …

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Rule suggestion

Would you like to add a guideline which is still missing in our collection?
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Here's also a helpful outline about the composition of guidelines:

1. For each guideline focus on a specific situation in the digital world.

2. Aim to phrase a guideline neutral and coherent.

3. Use active language for your guideline. Ideally it contains a tangible suggestion for action.

4. The shorter the better – try using one or two sentences max.

5. If possible use descriptive language. Include analogies from everyday life.

6. Guidelines are recommendations for the reader. No one likes commands :(

7. A pinch of humor is important and entertaining.

8. Take care of the right tone once writing a guideline. This is about politeness 2.0.

9. Assing related tags to your guideline. These are ment to provide the context and specific aspects of the situation in discussion.

10. We are looking forward to your guideline sparking further discussion.

Enjoy creating new guidelines. We are already curious about your ideas!

We will consider your contribution and 'stitch' a new etiquette.

Thank you!