Times used to be simpler: a man was a gentleman, a woman was a lady. But today? more …

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will be answered here. In our FAQ overview you will find for example information about the stitched layout, how the guidelines keep on evolving, which aims we are having in mind and lots more …

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A great thank you to everyone involved: Telekom Dr. Raimund Schmolze, Julia Leihener, Prof. Dr.Gesche Joost, Verena Fulde, Andreas Sommerwerk, Annette Böhmer, Stefan Wössner, Tim Dörflinger, Tom Bieling, Alexandra-Fee Beyer, Tony Reeve, Jan Ungermann as well as Roger Ibars, Indri Tulusan, Christina Cacioppo, Veronika Ritzer, Astrid Sönnichsen, Nadja Fleischer, Friederike Bellmann, Fabian Tönnesmann, Madeleine Kröper, Marietta Arellano, Daniel Salomon, Edial Dekker, Ingrid Hora, Lisa Zoth, Raja Gumienny Royal College of Art - Design Interactions Prof. Anthony Dunne, Onkar Kular, Matt Jones Masterstudents: Choy Ka Fai, Steffen Fiedler, Daniel Foster-Smith, Ilona Gaynor, Kevin Grennan, Emily Hayes, Marguerite Humeau, Charlotte Jarvis, Gerrit Kaiser, Kentaro Hori, Jonas Loh, Lisa Ma Milan Metthey, Elliott P.Montgomery, J. Paul Neeley, Ben Oliver, Veronica Ranner, Ludwig Zeller, Anna-Christina Lange Experts Ben Hammersley (Editor-at-large, Wired UK)Prof. Uta Brandes (Köln International School of Design)Anke Müller (Deutschen Knigge Gesellschaft) Complied & Edited Julia Leihener, Roger Ibars, Christina Cacioppo Design & Concept Katrin Schoof (Art Direktion)Julia Leihener (Concept) Andreas Sommerwerk (Concept) Publisher Deutsche Telekom AGCorporate CommunicationsFriedrich-Ebert-Allee 14053113 BonnGermany Production Monsenstein & Vannerdat OHG                                                                                                                                        Printed in the European Union 1rst edition, August 2010 KeyVisual Sonja Müller (photograph)Felix Speiser (model)