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Frequently asked questions

will be answered here. In our FAQ overview you will find for example information about the stitched layout, how the guidelines keep on evolving, which aims we are having in mind and lots more …

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Why are there more than 101 guidelines?

The 101 guidelines are the result of our user workshops and research. As digital life goes on and on and users propose more and more new guidelines, their number is going to increase. As such we continue the existing guidelines with the numbers: 102, 103, etc. The ones with the highest ranking are definded as the 'top 101' and can be found via the button 'top 101'. In the category 'all', you still have access to all of the guidelines.

Who chooses the Guideline of the Day, and on what basis?

The Guideline of the Day is chosen by a random generator, as is common in the digital world. However, the editorial team can change this frequency as needed so that, for example, a guideline in the context of “relationships” could appear on Valentine’s Day.

Who decides which new guidelines will be posted for discussion?

The suggested guidelines are displayed transparently on the website and can be rated by the readers online. All guideline suggestions are discussed openly within the eE team and posted according to editorial principles. For example, it is important to us to maintain the tone, brevity, humor, analogies, etc.

What's next? Will there ever be a new version and a second book where the new guidelines will also be listed?

Following a year of discussion on the website, we have reviewed the guidelines and are about to publish a second version of the book. We'll keep you updated!

What are the stickers all about? Who can get one?

In addition to being printed in the book and in digital form, ten of the guidelines are available as amber stickers. (These stickers have a strong electrostatic charge. Compared to conventional stickers, amber stickers adhere to surfaces by their static charge alone). If you are interested in the stickers, you can order one at as long as supplies last.

Why do the guidelines have an embroidered appearance?

The embroidered layout allows us to bridge the aesthetic gap between books of etiquette of yesteryear and the digital world of pixels today. This is also intended to be reminiscent of the samplers with embroidered quotations that our grandmothers used to hang on the kitchen wall.

What exactly is eEtiquette?

eEtiquette came about in collaboration with users and combines recommended behavior in the use of new communication media.

What is eEtiquette’s objective?

eEtiquette tries to create awareness of how to handle new communication media and offer recommendations for daily communication. It is intended to stimulate dialogue and discussion and will continue to grow on the basis of user feedback on the website (

What is so special about this etiquette, as opposed to other previous guidelines, etc.?

First of all, the recommendations have been developed together with users from twelve nations. In addition to that, these recommended rules of conduct apply to a variety of communication channels and cover more than just one tool, such as e-mail.

Is eEtiquette also available in different languages?

Yes! We already got a German version up and running at where users from Germany can enjoy the guidelines and functionalities of the site in their native tongue. Brand new: there's also a Hungarian version featuring special domestic content available on

What scientific approach was adopted in creating eEtiquette?

The entire project was conducted according to the principles of design thinking – research, analysis/synthesis, brainstorming, concepting, testing.
London’s Royal College of Art (Masters Degree program in Design Interactions – Prof. Anthony Dunne) also practices critical design, which draws on design methods and tools to critically reflect on and discuss social phenomena.

How did you recruit the workshop participants? How many digital natives, etc. were involved? Which countries did they come from? How many of them were there?

The participants in the Lead User workshop were “creative consumers”, and they were chosen from the broad field of design according to professional background as well as their behavior as active users of communication media.

11 Members of the Creation Center
10 kids & teens
18 masters students from the RCA
39 digital natives

What were the criteria for selecting the 101 “best of” recommendations?

We selected them on the basis of their catchiness, general applicability and originality. In addition, we tried to cover a variety of communication contexts and to combine them into a consistent overall composition. Since the world of communications is growing all the time, the recommendations will also continue to develop. We invite users to discuss the guidelines on the website, to suggest new ones and to rate the individual recommendations.

What is the long-term outlook for these guidelines – considering the fact that today’s communication channels and media are undergoing rapid change and further development?

The guidelines are intended to be further developed through discussion on the website. This is where users can post comments and also submit new suggestions. Thus, we will be continuously updating the 101 guidelines.

What does Telekom have to do with eEtiquette?

Deutsche Telekom, as one of the largest providers in the telecommunications sector, offers its customers not just state-of-the-art communications technologies that affect their daily lives. It is also aware of the associated social and societal impact and takes this into account.